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L-Omm, Storja ta' Mħabba

L’omm, Storja ta’ Mħabba

What inspired us to create this campaign

Spa Day Packages

Give the gift of wellness this Mother's Day

Callus Garden Center

Discover our collaboration with Callus Garden Centre

Botanika Natura

Discover our collaboration with local natural oils producers Botanika Natura

Motherhood Looks Different on Everyone

This Mother’s Day, we're reflecting on the essence of motherhood. It transcends biology and appearance, embracing nurturing, courage, and vulnerability. Mothers are the trusted faces, the guiding lights, the ones who seek the best for us. Motherhood knows no bounds— it's found in anyone, any day, anywhere. Join us in celebrating this universal spirit of love and care.

Discover our Packages

This Mother's Day, choose to give her the gift of wellness at Pearl Spas.

Pearl Spas x Callus Garden Center

We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with Callus Garden Center to enhance our It-Teżor tal-Familja Mother's Day package. As a special gesture, mothers will receive a stunning plant arrangement from Callus, adding a touch of natural beauty to their pampering experience at Pearl Spas. Celebrate Mother's Day in style and show your appreciation with this thoughtful fusion of wellness and nature, exclusively available through our partnership with Callus Garden Center.